Sunday, March 2, 2008

Stair Progress

Things are wrapping up on the first stage of the staircase restoration. The spindles are all back in place, all the caps are installed, trim work finished, and the stain and first coat of poly have been applied. Two more coats, and then I can start the second half of the restoration - stripping the treads/risers. I may wait a bit until I can open the windows some, since the stripper is pretty potent. For the the railing parts and sides, the majority I was able to strip in the kitchen where I have the exhaust fan already hooked up.

The closet also is wrapping up. The woodwork in finished and staining/first coat of poly are on as well. The closet door is still in the stripping process which has been a real bear to get the paint off the one side. The old shellac was sanded on the one side before painting, so the paint has really bonded to the wood. The cables have been routed to the basement and connector plates installed. One for power, one for the DVD player to feed flat screen in living room with 2 RCA cables for sound and S cable for video, and finally a pair of speaker connections for the stereo. I have an extra pair still in the box if I decide to add another set of speakers downstairs and will just have to get another connector plate.


Omar said...

Impressive. That staircase looks awesome!

Larry said...


You have given me a great idea for our stereo system.

Thanks and keep up the great work!


Larry ~