Friday, December 21, 2007

Long Time No Blog

Things are still slow here at the old Hall house. Waiting for the floor guy who starts on the 2nd has left me in a work limbo. In the meantime I have started with finishing off some wood work. At this point I finished the window seat and bay windows in the foyer. I had to mill some thicker trim along the seat, since the new walls are slightly back further than original leaving a larger gap between the seat and walls. This also had to be done for the picture shelf above the landing window on the stairs. This section is also finished. I've been using Minwax "Aged Oak" in a gel stain and 2 coats of satin poly.

Next I started working on the columned room divider between the foyer and parlor. This should take a good week to complete. I could spend months with a dental pick trying to get all the paint out of the pores in the oak. At a certain point you just have to step back and say 'can't see anything from a few feet back - close enough!'

I don't recall if I mentioned finding Norris's Wilmington, DE warehouse - literally right across the street from one of the generation units I work on - but on closer inspection you can actually see his "L. Norris Hall" lettering faded under the lettering of the present occupants. I'll take some pics when I get down there again.

I managed to get lights up for the season outside which required installing three outlets around the porch. I installed this circuit through a timer installed next to the service panel that will fire up the outlets (and lights of course) automatically. During the rest of the year I can take out the timer tabs and just leave the switch on so the outlets are powered 24/7. I like this single heavy duty timer setup much better than plugging in a bunch of plug in timers in the outlets, and all the light come on at the same time. The other timer does the porch light.

.... and as for the new wood stove - the furry inspector finds it working to his satisfaction (and is healing up just fine)


Douglas said...


I continue to check in and see how things are going. I remain impressed by your care and hard work on the guts of the house as well as the finer details.

The steel warehouse in Wilmington was on Christiana Avenue as I recall. If you do take a photo or two, please send me copies:

I have slowly moved into retirement and one of the things I've started to do is to research the history of our house here in Chichester, New Hampshire. Evidently the barn was built first - in 1818 - and the house was built in 1819. I've been tracking down who lived here, was born here, and died here by local tax records and census records.

When we built an addition in 2000, we also renovated much of the original "cape" but kept all of the original handhewn beams and some of the original lath and horsehair plaster.

Doug Hall

Sandy said...

There's nothing like a "furry inspector" stamp of approval!