Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Surprise - Another Project Creates Another Project!

Well you've seen me post about the 55 Bel Air. While it was at the body/paint shop for past 2 yrs now, I took the opportunity to finish the garage. Well there was one other car on my bucket list and one I never thought I would get. But then earlier this summer something followed me home....

It's a clean barn fresh 1940 Ford convertible. It was one of those deals where you just grab it and figure out the rest later! So the garage will only hold one project and there is no way this thing can sit out in the weather, so I came up with a quick design for a side car port. I already have the concrete there on the side, so it would work out pretty well and keep the weather off till "someday" comes. It basically would be 16 ft long and 10 ft wide. I would tie in the first peak change of the roof giving me just enough slope to drain and still span the  drive while keeping the height practical. The key was making it blend in and not ruin the look of the garage.

Setting the posts and rafter support.

Setting the rafters.
Fascia and sheathing installed.

The old Ford in it's new home... it stays amazingly dry underneath.

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